Here is a map of our missionaries, the yellow highlighted areas are where our missionaries are located. Click on an area for more information.

Mission Agencies supported by Park Lane Baptist Church

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
Harrison, Pennsylvania

Baptist Church Planters
Rockport, Michigan

Baptist Mid-Missions
Cleveland, Ohio

Ministries supported by Park Lane Baptist Church

General Association of Regular Baptist Churches
Shaumburg, Illinois
The national office offers a variety of ministry helps for churches including the Regular Baptist Press.

Whispering Cedars Baptist Camp
Genoa, Nebraska
Camp Information: Youth Camps | Family and Adult Camps

Missionaries - The East

Sometimes missionaries will minister and share the Gospel in lands where Christianity is persecuted. If they are viewed as missionaries, they could be banned from the country, or arrested, even tortured. Published communication concerning such missionaries is restricted for their safety. Make sure to pray for missionaries and Christians who are in countries where their freedoms are restricted.

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March Madness